We believe there’s the right home out there for every horse – we just have to help that horse and human meet!

And we know that despite misconceptions about rescued horses, we have amazing horses who can do anything a non-rescue horse can do.  We have adopted horses successfully competing at competitive trail, endurance, hunter/jumper shows, play days, dressage shows, 4-H and open shows, and more.  We have rescue horses who have been driving horses, ranch horses, kid horses, and more.

Our goal is to help you meet the perfect rescue horse for you – whether you want a pet, competitive horse, trail riding partner, or wo

The Adoption Process

  • View the available horses.
    You can view the horses who are attending the Bluebonnet HelpAHorse Show and Adoption event here.  You can also view all of our available horses, including those who won’t be attending the event, here. If you don’t see the right horse, please keep checking back as our list of available horses changes often.
  • Submit an adoption application.
    You can submit an adoption application online or download the application.and mail it in. Please don’t be intimidiated by our adoption application which asks basic horse care questions and seeks information and photos of your facility.  Once you are approved to adopt, your approval stays good unless you move.  You do not need to reapply if you want to look at a horse not listed on your application.
  • Talk to the Adoption Coordinator.
    Once your application is complete, The Adoption Coordinator will contact you to see what horses you would like to meet and put you in touch with the foster home(s) for a visit.
  • Meet the horse(s) you are interested in.
    You can meet several horses at once at the Bluebonnet HelpAHorse Show and Adoption event.  Otherwise, you may visit several locations as our horses are located at foster homes. If you are looking at a horse who is trained to ride, please plan on riding the horse at his/her foster home.  You are also welcome to bring a trainer to help evaluate the horse.  If you decide the horse is a good match, you can adopt him or her that day and take your new horse home.If you are uncertain, you can take up to one week to think about the horse and schedule another visit.
  • Sign the adoption contract and take your new horse home.
    When you find the right horse, you will then pay his/her adoption fee and sign an adoption contract.  Please review the contract before signing it, it spells out how adoption works and what you are agreeing to:  it outlines the inspection/home visit schedule, how you may rehome the horse, stipulates that the horse is not to be bred, and describes the return process.

After Adopting

  • Join the Bluebonnet Horses group (optional).
    If you are on Facebook and would like to chat with other adopters and foster homes and brag on your horses, please join our Bluebonnet Horses Facebook group
  • Follow-up visits.
    A Bluebonnet volunteer will contact you to schedule a follow-up sivit at approximately two months after adoption.  There will be another follow-up visit at approximately six months and 24 months after your adoption.  Home visits, or inspections, are a chance for us to check up on the horse and make sure he/she is doing well.  It is also a nice time for you to chat with a Bluebonnet volunteer in case you have any questions or concerns.
  • Submit photos.
    We ask you to submit photos of your adopted horse at approximately twelve months after your adoption date.
  • Send us updates (optional).
    We love each horse, donkey, mule, pony, and mini adopted from Bluebonnet – so we LOVE to hear updates on how they’re doing.  You can email us your updates.
  • Let us know if you have any questions, problems, or concerns about your adopted horse.
    One benefit of adoption is that we are always here for you and your horse.  If you have problems with him, have questions, or need help, please contact us.  We want to work with you to keep you and your adopted horse happy and healthy!
  • Enjoy yur adopted horse!