HelpAHorse Show – Horses for Adoption

All adopters must be pre-approved in order to adopt their new horse and take him or her home on Saturday.  We will also be accepting adoption applications at the event, and once approved adopters will be allowed to pick their new horse up from his/her foster home.

Apply to adopt online.

Yearling, Arabian cross gelding.  Bojangles is blessed with beauty and an excellent disposition.  He has correct conformation, and he inherited his big-eyed, beautiful head from his Arabian dam.  This gelding is sweet, smart, and good-natured – a joy to train.  Always even tempered, “Bo” does not bite, kick, or even lay back his ears in frustration.  He leads well, loads in a trailer, and did fairly well during his first farrier trim.  To date, Bojangles has stood quietly while tied along with other horses.  Given his youth, however, he will need continued reinforcement of these skills.  Bojangles has the potential to excel in a number of disciplines and deserves a loving home that appreciates his attributes. $350 adoption fee.


Two year old, Arabian cross gelding.   haser is still a young guy.  He spent four months with a novice horsewoman preparing for the Non Pro In Hand division of the 2017 Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge.  His handler was unable to show him in the Challenge, but she did a good job giving him basic horsemanship skills.

Chaser is a pretty guy who is the perfect age to adopt and then start under saddle in about a year. $350 adoption fee.

7 year old, approx. 14.2 hh, Arabian mare.  Cleopatra was started under saddle last year and is being ridden by her foster home.  She is a sweet horse who loves attention and is easy to catch and handle.  Under saddle, she’s still very green.  She could be a ncie horse for an intermediate rider now or for a novice who is working with a trainer.  $800 adoption fee.

19 year old, 15.2 hh, registered Arabian gelding.  Fayhan was owned by one owner most of his life and was well cared for his entire life. He was professionally trained by an Arabian horse trainer and shown in halter showmanship, Sport Horse in Hand, Sport Horse Under Saddle, and intro and training level dressage. He has many 1st places, Reserve Championships, and Championships to his name. In 2003, he won a Horse of the Year award from Region 9, and he won a Regional Top 5 in Dressage Training Level.

He was not ridden from 2013 to 2018 at his former owners. He was evaluated by trainer Riva England in early May 2018. She says he is a very nice, responsive, kind and friendly horse. She rode him at the walk, trot, and canter and said he has great training and is suitable for any level of rider.

He is out of condition and will need to be brought back into shape carefully but could still be shown.  $900 adoption fee.

9 year old, pony (likely Welsh or Welsh cross) mare. Fizzypop is an adorable pony mare. She is good to catch, lead, and load. She’s been around kids but does not appear to be broke to ride or drive. Fortunately, she’s the perfect age to train and she would look adorable as a kids’ riding and show pony!  $350 adoption fee.

Jingle Bob
Two year old, unregistered Morgan gelding. Jingle Bob had not been handled much before coming to Bluebonnet.  His foster home worked with him, and tthen he spent four months in 2017 preparing for the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge.  Jingle Bob placed 6th in a very competitive In Hand Division of the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge in 2017.

His Training Challenge partner says, “Jingle Bob is coming along nicely with his training, is current on all vacs and worming, and a joy to be around.  He gets along great with his pasture mates, dogs, cats and sheep, loves the pond,  and super easy to catch.”

We are looking to place Jingle Bob in a home who will not start him under saddle until he is at least three years old.  He’s a great age now to work with on the ground so he’ll be ready to start under saddle next year.  $450 adoption fee.

17 year old, grade stock-type gelding.  Gus was not broke to ride when he arrived at Bluebonnet. He spent a few months with a trainer to be started under saddle for the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge. His trainer decided not to compete as he felt that Gus was not far enough along in his training.

Gus spent time with trainer Hilary LoBue (February-April 2018). She said he’s a very laid-back and chill horse. So far under saddle he has no desire to move fast. Hilary is going to work on trail riding with him since she think he’ll be a great trail/pleasure guy. She says he’s a favorite of her visitors as he is so sweet.

Gus does not like being touched behind his saddle when he has a rider on his back. He is fine being touched behind the side when no one is on his back. Sometimes he will tolerate it when someone is on his back. Other times he crow-hops or humps his back, and he has bucked seeral times when his rump is touched.  He is going to spend mid-May through mid-June with trainer Aaron England and will be avialable for adoption once Aaron sees if they can work through his bucking issues.

Two year old, stock type mare.  KitKat is a cute, sweet filly with lots of potential.  Upon arrival, it appeared she had no training, and her owner had indicated she was difficult to catch.  Also, she showed some aggression (biting and kicking).  KitKat came around in a matter of days, however, so it appears she had been reacting out of fear and nervousness. This filly is now easy to catch and halter – trotting up from the pasture to greet her fosterer and receive a treat.  She leads well and has loaded in a stock trailer. KitKat’s hooves were in terrible shape when she arrived, so she was sedated for the first trim. She is now practicing giving her feet, but she is far from standing well for the farrier.  This filly is somewhat insecure and frets when separated from Starlight, but she is improving with each separation. With consistent handling and training KitKat could excel in a number of disciplines.  $300 adoption fee.

Mr. Handsome
16 year old, 15.2 hh, grade (possibly Tennessee Walking Horse) gelding. Mr. Handsome’s foster home says that he’s a sweet and gentle giant, and they’re starting to do ground work with him.  He loves to be fed treats, to be brushed, and to be bathed.

Four year old, 12.3 hh, grade gelding.

Obie was not handled much before coming to Bluebonnet. He was also poorly fed, so he appears to be both physically stunted and mentally immature. There’s a good chance he may yet grow a few inches with good nutrition, but he’s never gong to be a big horse and will probably always be pony sized.

Obie is a sweet little guy, and he’s smart and not spooky at all. He’s been saddled a few times and does not mind being saddled at all. He stands tied well, and he is working well with his foster home. He has a lot of potential for the right person.

Obie is currently a biter. He does not nibble or nip at fingers or hands, but he will try to bite people on the arms or back and he’s especially bad at farrier time. He is getting much better with consistent work and repirmanding but he’s going to need an experienced handler still for a while until we’re confident that he’s given up biting.

He also will chase, and try to stomp/injure/kill, dogs and cats. He should not go to a home where dogs or cats wander the pastures or stalls.  $300 adoption fee.

Pixie Dust
Yearling, pony (likely Welsh or Welsh cross) filly.  Pixie Dust’s dam was pregnant when she arrived, and Pixie Dust was born in a Bluebonnet foster home.  Pixie Dust is an adorable pony. She’s been handled well since birth, and her foster home says she is very sweet. She leads, stands for the farrier, and she loves attention. When she is old enough to train, she should make someone an awesome riding or driving pony with training.  $300 adoption fee.

16 year old, 15.2 hh, registered Arabian gelding.

Shahan has been owned by one owner most of his life and had excellent care and handling. He loves people and attention, and he’s easy to get along with. He was professionaly trained by an Arabian horse trainer as a younger horse but never shown. He has not been ridden in the past 5 years.

He was evaluated by trainer Riva England in May 2018. She found him to be friendly, confident, respectful, and gentle. She was able to ride him at a walk, trot, and canter and said he’s a very nice horse who is a joy to work with. He’s ready for an intermediate or above rider – and he may be suitable in the future for a beginner or for a beginner working with a trainer.  $850 adoption fee.

Sir Kabu
17 year old, registered Arabian gelding.

Sir Kabu is a friendly guy who is easy to catch and handle. He has been owned by one owner most of his life, and he’s always had good handling and care. Sir Kabu has been professionally trained and shown at Arabian horse shows in halter and sport horse in hand, with many wins. He was also started under saddle but not shown under saddle.

He is a sweet horse who loves people and loves attention. He has not been ridden in the past five years, so he will need someone willing to bring him back along. He could be a nice open show horse or even rated show horse for a lucky adopter.  $800 adoption fee.

6 year old, unregistered Arabian gelding.

Snapple was halter broke when he arrived, but he was a little afraid of being caught.  He tries to be sweet, but it seems he had not had much handling before coming to Bluebonnet.

Snapple spent four months with trainer Brittany Blackburn to be started under saddle.  He did well, but he is a hot horse and needs additional training time.  Brittany gave him a very good foundation, and he tries hard to do what’s asked.  He’s a pretty moving horse with a lot of potential for someone willing to continue working with him.

He hasn’t been ridden since he left Brittany’s in October and will need someone who can bring him back along and finish his training. $500 adoption fee.

12 year old, 14.3 hh, stock-type mare.  Starlight was placed with us after Hurricane Harvey.

Starlight is a big, pretty, flea-bit gray mare She arrived in good body condition, but her hooves were terrible. In the interest of trimming them ASAP, we had the vet sedate them for the farrier when he came to administer vaccinations, draw blood for a Coggins test, and float her teeth. In subsequent trimming,Starlight stood fairly well for the farrier, although she did pull her feet away a couple of times. Built like a brick house, this mare is big boned, with a deep heart girth, well-defined withers, and a butt that would put Kim Kardashian to shame.  Steady in temperament, she gets along with geldings and other mares of all age groups.    Starlight was reported to be skittish and hard to catch, but she came around with consistent handling.  She is now easy to halter and lead, plus she has been tied with herd mates.  The mare’s ground manners are good, and she respects a handler’s personal space.  Starlight will be tested soon to determine if she has had training under saddle.

Sweet Sparrow
Yearling, grade pony mare (likely Welsh cross).  Sweet Sparrow is a cute, spunky, and smart filly, who should mature to 11-12hh..  She has a delicate, feminine aspect and is endowed with a very thick mane and tail. Don’t be deceived by her diminutive size, because Sparrow is self-assured and can hold her own in a herd of large horses.  This filly can be caught and haltered easily, but appreciates a treat in return.  Sparrow leads well.  She has been tied with herd mates for short periods of time and will load in a trailer with considerable coaxing.  Sparrow does not succumb to the charms of a farrier, believing her feet belong to her alone.  Convincing this baby to give her feet without hesitation is a work in progress.  Sweet Sparrow in time could be a ridden by a lucky child or be a high-stepping cart pony,  In the meanwhile, she would grace any pasture with her fancy looks and funny antics.    $300 adoption fee.

Sweet Tea
14 year old, grade mare.

Sweet Tea was evaluated by trainer Chucky Barbour in early May 2018.

She ties with no issues, picks up feet w/ touch, saddles at a stand still, allows riders to mount from ground or mounting block at a stand still, walks on verbal command. Chucky also rode her bareback with no problems. She was fine being bridled and wearing a breast collar and back cinch. She is good for fly spray. She rode her at a walk on tarps, over cavalleti, and around barrels & poles. She is quiet and not spooky.

Chucky could not get her to go faster than a walk, so she’s going to be best for a rider who just wants leisurely rides or someone willing to continue her training/keep working with her.  $600 adoption fee.

13 year old, unregistered Paint mare.  Sundae was enrolled in the Bluebonnet Rescue Horse Training Challenge but had to drop out when she developed a bad abscess. Her trainer at the time felt she had been started earlier in life but not ridden much as she accepted a rider but did not seem to know much. She only had a few rides at the trainers, so she’s not really even “green broke” yet and will need someone who can continue working with her.

Her current foster home has worked with Sundae on her ground manners. She stood quietly, without being tied, while they treated her abscess. She doesn’t like to stand tied, but she is improving with consistent work and reminders. Her foster home has found that Sundae loves to be groomed, so maybe she had some great care and handling earlier in her life!  $400 adoption fee.

16 year old, Thoroughbred mare.  Tic Tac’s former owner said she was a pleasure/trail horse.  While we cannot verify that, she has been ridden in two foster homes and also ridden by her adopter.  Her current foster home, who has had her since she was returned, says stands when tied, leads, and is good with fly spray.  However she can be hard to catch (although she is getting better each time) and is very touchy about her ears.  Her foster home says she lunges nicely.  She has ridden her at the walk, trot, and canter.  She can be spooky and snorty.  $650 adoption fee.