Ride-a-Thon Horse/Rider Teams

If you would like to sponsor one of the horse/rider teams, you can do so by clicking the Donate button beneath their name.

Sponsors will be added to each person’s lists as they are received.


We will add horse and rider teams as they sign up.

Twylight Allison and Chip, Sky (Bluebonnet adopted horse), and Dirk (Bluebonnet adopted horse)
“Bluebonnet is a wonderful equine rescue group that helps transform lives of many horses. By giving love, food, and care these animals are given a second chance at life.”

Twylight and Chip, Shy, and Dirk’s sponsors:
Beverly Z.


Cheryl Bisson riding Cash (Bluebonnet adopted horse, BEHS name Dom Perignon)
“So BEHS can continue their mission and hopefully never have to turn a horse in need away. Also, to thank BEHS and honor my horse, Cash, that was adopted from BEHS.”

Cheryl and Cash logged 41 rides and 36.5 hours!

Cash and Cheryl’s Sponsors:
Patti B.
Carol D.
Carolien J.
Rhonda C.
Martin H.
Lori O.
Michelle S.


Leah Brooks and Starlight
“I love Bluebonnet’s mission, purpose, and what they do for these amazing equines! I love the fact that y’all care so deeply for each and every horse that nds its way to you. It is hard to nd a good ‘rescue’ these days that actually care for the horse as if it was there own. In fact, you and WCER are the only two rescues that I have found to care so deeply, and for that, I will do anything possible to help out!”


Susan Brown riding Nadia
“This both motivates me to get out there to advance my horse and allows me to promote and support the organization I love so dearly.”


Tracy Cann riding Leo
“To support this amazing rescue that helps so many horses in need.”



Kimberly Conner riding Gus
“Raise money and I am looking at doing Bluebonnet Horse Challenge “


Karla Hedrick and Invite Mi Amegio
“To raise funds for needy equines!”


Ryalin Hughes riding Mozart (Bluebonnet adopted horse)
“To help raise money for horses.”


Carol Kight riding AH Keys Dixiegirl
“To raise mucho money!”


Amber Kurkowski riding Lulu, Cali, Cady (Bluebonnet adopted horse), Boomer (Bluebonnet foster horse), Cleopatra (Bluebonnet foster horse), Belle, Venus, Tic Tac (Bluebonnet foster horse)
“I am a foster home and want to help get the foster horses going.”

Amber logged 60 rides with a total of 25 hours with her horses!

Amber and Lulu, Cali, Cady, Boomer, Cleopatra, Belle, Venus and Tic Tac’s sponsors:
K & W Engineering
Beverly Z.


Cynthia Lawhon riding Bluebonnet adopted horse Madam Cherie
“I love my adopted horse.”


Tina Parnell and Shug (Bluebonnet adopted horse Independence) and Seven
“To help save horses like Shug!”



Pamela Parr riding Reba (Bluebonnet adopted horse Lucy Loo)
“I adopted Reba from Bluebonnet, and this is our way of helping the rescue out.”

Pam and Rebca logged 15 rides!

Pam and Reba’s Sponsors:
Thomas Timm



Lena Robinson and Pie Pony
“To help horses!”

Lena and Pie Pony’s sponsors:
Andrea and Wes B.
Debbie B.
Tracee C.
Amanda G.
Robin M.
Kris R.
Kaylon R.


Lloyd Robinson and Pie Pony
“To ride horses!”

Lloyd and Pie Pony’s sponsors:
Andrea and Wes B.
Debbie B.
Tracee C.
Amanda G.
Robin M.
Kris R.
Kaylon R.


Cabrina Scott and Bluebonnet Adopted Horse Ake”em
“I support their work with horses who truly need help. I have adopted from them and every horse has had a heart like no other. They understand that they are nally loved and return that love and respect.”


Cora Werncke riding Pixie Blossom
“To help rescue horses”

Cora and Pixie Blossom’s Sponsors:
Kaylon R.
Kelly W.


Zane Wernicke riding Pixie Blossom
To help rescue horses”

Zane and Pixie Blossom’s Sponsors:
Kaylon R.
Kelly W.