#whatrescuehorsescando Stories

Easter’s dam was removed from negligent owners in February 2012 and had him on Easter Sunday (April 2012).  After weaning, he was adopted but returned, re-adopted, and then returned in 2017.  His original foster home had never wanted to let him go, so they adopted him at the Bluebonnet Horse Expo in October 2017!

His adopter says, “I’ve always loved Easter, but I already had five horses to ride when he was born and couldn’t add a new horse.  When he came back to Bluebonnet, two of my horses had passed away and two more had to retire due to old age.  Plus I now have a horse-crazy daughter.  She and Easter are getting to grow up together!”

Easter’s family plans to trail ride him and eventually use him as a spokeshorse to show how awesome rescue horses can be.  Although he’s young, he’s a quiet riding horse who does great carrying their young daughter or with novice friends who want to try horseback riding.

Easter’s adopter says, “I’ve been involved with rescue almost twenty years and so many people tell me that rescue horses are worthless or useless.  Easter proves them wrong.  He’s worth his weight in gold – a quiet, horse who is easy to ride and tolerates kids and novices!  He may never be a top-level show horse but he’s going to teach the next generation how to love horses.  That’s priceless talent!”


Galeno’s dam was removed from negligent and abusive owners.  When she arrived at Bluebonnet, she was so wild and aggressive that no one could get near her so the rescue didn’t know she was pregnant until Galeno was born not long after she arrived. He was adopted as a yearling but returned because he was too much horse.  He moved to a foster home who fell in love and adopted him about six months after he arrived.

His adopter says, “I originally planned to start him under saddle as a three year old but got pregnant and then moved and couldn’t get him going under saddle until he was five.  So he’s still very green.  He’s been slow to mature, though, so the delay getting him started was for the best.

He’s a sensitive soul and needs someone who will give him time and space to develop.  I bet his dam was, too, and the abuse she endured just factured her, mentally.  If he was ever abused, he would lose all faith in humans.

But he’s a sweet guy and he wants to please so badly.  We’ve started dressage lessons together with the goal of eventually showing in some small open shows.  He’s a pretty mover and a beautiful horse, and I think he has a lot of potential! I love love love working with him.”


Maybelline was removed from negligent owners by the SPCA of Texas and then transferred to Bluebonnet for training and adoption in May 2017.  Her foster home fell in love and adopted her a little over a month later!

Her adopter says, “She earned her spot in our herd when my sons and their two cousins (all under the age of 10) were all grooming her and something spooked her. Her eyes got big and her head shot up, but she didn’t move an inch! Not a toe was stepped on or single person bumped. Now, that’s a pony worth it’s weight in gold. I filled out the adoption application as soon as we finished “horsing around” outside.”

Maybelline is special because she’s teaching the next generation to ride and care for horses.  She and her young rider are working on horsemanship skills, and they hope to hit 4-H events soon!

Maybelline’s adopter adds, “You never what diamond in the rough is waiting in a rescue horse! When Maybelline first arrived she was nervous and pretty difficult to handle. She ran away on the lunge line and went through our electric tape fence. My husband even commented that he didn’t think this was the right pony for us. I responded that we should give her a little more time. Sure enough, as soon as she realized she could trust us the diamond shone through! Now I trust her with my most precious possessions, my two sons.”